Tired and Bored

        Last night was a great time, but this morning’s not so hot. I wasn’t hung over, but I was running on not nearly enough sleep. I’m fine for the bike ride in and everything, making sure to stop and buy a big can of instant coffee mix because I know the hardest part of my workday will be maintaining consciousness. It wasn’t that bad: just had to drink almost a cup of coffee an hour and I was awake nearly all shift.
        During dinner, I scramble to make last-minute plans for travel this weekend, running between a pay phone, internet cafe, and the Indian place we’re eating at. Germany was too expensive and the flight times would have meant we’d get only a day there, so we were thinking about busing it to Belgium. Apparently, Brussels is a hot stop this weekend: the stupid bus was sold out both outbound and return for the times I wanted. Didn’t realize 8-hour bus rides were such a hot item…
        We decide to head to Fabric, a club known as ridiculously large, having a tendency to play techno, and a good time until 6 in the morning. Apparently, if you’re tired while standing in line it means you’re ridiculously intoxicated. Doesn’t matter if you explain to the meatheaded bouncers that you can pass any sobriety test (they won’t give you one), you just stood in line for a long time (they won’t respond), you’ll wait in line again (they’ll tell you you’re not allowed in all night), and that you don’t know why anyone would want to come to this stupid club anyways (they say you should). So, after sleepily standing in line for half an hour, I’m not allowed in because of some large, dumb guy on a power trip. I tell Mike and Joe to go in anyways: no reason for all 3 of us to miss out. It’s then a long walk home which probably ended up being more enjoyable than that stupid club probably sucked damn meatheads who do they think they are who wants to go there anyways:)

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