Around London

        The Cabinet War Rooms were basically a basement, quickly converted to offices and living quarters for the leader of Britain, his war cabinet, and their support staff. From here, Prime Minister Winston Churchill tried to figure out what to do about the Luftwaffe, Germany’s air force, basically bombing the hell out of London. Things were really bad here: Brits were certain that a Nazi invasion would happen any day for weeks on end. Many families took to living in the underground’s subway stations out of fear that their homes would be the next craters caused by bombing. Most unnerving seemed to be this one kind of bomb that just flew itself over here from occupied France. It had a goofy nickname, doodly-bird or something, and would make a putt-putt noise as it flew along. As it ran out of fuel, the flight patterns became erratic and the putt-putting would eventually stop, signaling Londoners to get underground. Ironically, the sound of an approaching bomb was reassuring: you knew it wasn’t about to land on you.
        Churchill was a strange guy. He’d work until 2 or 3 in the morning and get up 9ish, but then he’d sit in bed literally for hours on end. He’d do work and stuff, but was a bit of a baby about it: good news made him bounce up and down, while bad news sent the leader of a world power back under his covers. At least he worked: there was a letter from England’s King George to Churchill that was basically just whining about bombs falling near Buckingham Palace while the royal waste of space was there.
        Mike stepped on Jesus. In one of his finer displays of absent-minded professor syndrome, he was so engrossed in reading a schedule of theater events that Dr. Lisman walked right onto a huge painting of the last supper that some hard-working street artist had taped to the sidewalk. Eyewitnesses were still laughing when we were a block away.
        Cool: 3-D Imax theater should be amazing, right? That’s what I though too, but it turned into an expensive nap after about 10 minutes of space shuttles drifting by in a shoddy attempt at 3 dimensions as Tom Cruise did what’s sure to not be an Oscar-nominated job of narrating. Sleeping in 3-D wasn’t anything thrilling.
        Wandered the rest of the day away, relaxing and not much else. Nothing fancy, but a nice break.

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