Home, Eventually

        We drive our way from Cahuita to San Jose, fly San Jose to New York, and drive New York to sometimes tolerable and always old Wilkes-Barre. All are exhausted and seem to have had enough traveling for awhile; we eat at Denny’s as our last meal in the Country.
        Driving through the rainforest makes me wish we were departing much later than tomorrow. If I factor out the troubles and pleasures of traveling with a large group that happens to by my family, this is the nicest place I’ve ever been. Costa Rica leaves California in expensive, hurried dust and squeezes by the Greek islands with a burst of unspoiled natural beauty. I just might have to come back someday…
        We get back, but our luggage decided to stay and enjoy the rainforest a while longer: Air Taca left all 9 bags in San Jose. Pulling up to our house and waking up in a roomier, more functional van than the sardine can we’ve had throughout our vacation that was more adventure than relaxation, I must admit that it feels good to be home.

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