Easy Install

        The day is as slow as Navrongo is difficult to pronounce: just enough to be a bit of a pain. Some small mishaps setting up the lab, but Larry and friendsí flawless instructions to contractors resulted in all the networking and power cables awaiting us in pristine condition. Thanks to this, we pull off what was to be a full 2 daysí install in under a day.
        Iím a failure at my attempt to train users. As Ricardo breezes through word processing, Iím making a half-assed attempt to get somebody playing an addictive computer game. Luckily, a tech task comes up, giving me an excuse to abort my lame try. Teaching Frisbeeís a different, more successful story. The KNUST guys traveling with us (Larry and Nana) get really into it, and I think I provide younger passerbys with their first throws ever. Nobodyís going to take the Frisbee world by storm, but, with the exception of the lady who runs away from my throw, all did pretty decent.
        In case you were wondering, baby goats are fast. They graze this UDS campus to the point that you can hear them baah while using the lab we just set up, making for a weird vibe as the dings and baahs compete for your ear. I decide to spring after one of the tinier fellas; the baah gets high-pitched and he lets out a few extra as he does the hooved animalís equivalent of flying away, easily outrunning me. Yep, chasing a goat was probably the highlight of my dayÖ not sure if it says more about me or the dayÖ:)

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