Long Long Drive

        Itís drive, drive, and then drive some more today, from Tamale all the way to Kwawu Dah. The cool stop is the same wood marketplace that we visited previously. Itís lost some of its allure, but the deals remain: I donít have as much fun negotiating but do make out like just as much of a bandit as last time. Maybe importer / exporter of handcrafted trinkets isnít my calling after all...
        Although the dayís slightly wasted driving and shopping, the nightís as it should be: we arrive in a grateful Kwawu Dah and get to work. Upgrading and troubleshooting the 5-computer lab in the village without telephone lines takes several hours, ending around 3 in the morning. The Kwawu Dahians (?) are more than receptive, ready with requests and questions. I think everyone Iíve seen in this town has been smiling brightly at me, almost making me feel like I personally forked out a million bucks for computers and wasnít here just by luck and the generosity/p.r. department of a multinational corporationÖ But anyways, today was a nice change of scenery that was a long sleep in a van to get to.

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