An Unbelievable Chapter Done

        So I'm home, and it's done. A summer in which I've set foot on every continent but Antarctica wrapped up with ~457 miles biking in Brazil, averaging ~30.4 miles per day over the course of 15 days. I'll be home about 24 hours before starting a long haul down to Texas and, if all goes as planned, into work this Friday, 8/26. Words fail me to describe what this summer has meant, much of it not enjoyable but every second fun in the deepest sense. I want, no, I need to approach my job, my entire life with the ignorant, arrogant, wonderful sense of confidence and curiosity that brought me through this summer. I've now set foot in ~21 countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Portugal, Ghana, Cameroon, India, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand), more than I ever thought I would and probably more than anyone deserves to be able to see. Hell, even if I spend the rest of my life slaving away at a desk from "Office Space" (which I won't) I'll still have the memories of these times abroad, often lost and always in wonderment. You can't say that about a stock, bond, fancy sports car, or anything else I could have spent all my money and then some on. If I can have just a tenth of the intensity of experiences that I've squeezed out of the last 3 months for the rest of my days, I will have lived a life richer than I ever thought possible.

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