Rio, Eventually

        After a particularly uncomfortable redeye, I've got a few hours to kill until my Sao Paulo - Rio flight. I eventually go narcoleptic with yogic twists on the airport chairs so thoroughly that I nearly miss the damn thing. Arrival in Rio is a rude awakening: both tires on my bike, which I had thoroughly and expensively repaired just for this trip, are so seriously bent that they hit the brakes on every rotation. A quick attempt to get some cold cash compensation is in vain, but I am fortunate enough to have brought my bike multitool and get them in acceptable condition. The highway ride is more than harrowing: it's a thoroughly bad idea. I'm breathtakingly close to collisions that really would have hurt with several buses. Once in the city, I actually skim off some smaller car that I think was a cab. But the latter incident is only after my ~15-mile ride gets shortened: a set of highway "cops" pick me and my bike up. We don't speak each other's languages, but they do take me to local roads near Copacabana with no more of a toll than listening to some Portugese that was probably them telling me how stupid I was to be biking on that road. Even if there wasn't a language barrier, I wouldn't argue:)
        After a hostel hunt is a meal that's near nirvana: a churrascaria. It's a buffet, but there are also dudes bringing around lots of big cuts of succulent meats. In this one meal, I probably kill more animals than I saved in 2 years of vegetarianism. Even with a beer, I'm only out $17.50 Brazilian reais (<$9 USD). I just might have to get really fat on this trip.
        The night's finding samba music, tasting new beers, and attempting to plan out an itinerary. Looks like I might try more than a lot of biking, but that's dependent on my knee staying in 1 piece, my bike's tires no longer resembling the arrows on mountain road signs, and finding non-highway roads that get me where I'm trying to go. In other words, I don't quite have a game plan yet:)

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