Staying in a tiny room with 7 other people + rainrainrain + skipping one interview + getting lost trying to find another interview and arriving a good 15 minutes late + really not getting much accomplished today = a little challenging, to put it lightly. I did get the orientation for the work permit program Iím here through over with, so the day wasnít a total waste. The presentation was very intimidating; basically, it boiled down to ďdonít assume anythingís the same, and youíre wasting money if you stay in London.Ē Iíll try and be more aware of cultural differences, but Iím going to live in London. Itís cool to live in a huge city, convenient to get to airports, and challenging to see if I can make it in the most expensive city in Europe. Yeah, I might save a few pounds by moving to Bath or some other smaller city, but itís not worth it: Londonís too nice of a base of operations. At least until I run out of moneyÖ
        Important lesson for the day: not washing your hair and using hairspray have basically the same effect. I forgot to bring shampoo and never got around to buying any here until today, so my hairís been ďRastafarianĒ for a good 4 days now. Honestly, itís styling: looks just like Iíve recently put a great amount of effort and chemicals into making it appear stylistically unkempt. Iíll wash it tomorrow, but Iím sure its aesthetic merit will go right down the drain with my coifís accumulated grime.
        Itís been an unrewarding day, but I feel less in culture shock than before. Iím getting more comfortable with the city every day, so I think Iíll be fine. I definitely am still more than a little homesick, but Iíll be able to make it here for 3 months and might even have some fun in the meantime, assuming that it ever stops raining...

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