Housing, we have Housing!

        I guess Iím a real Londoner now: moved into my flat today. Itís really junky, but the price is right. My flatmates seem cool enough; one of them actually has hung out with Radiohead! All are in the BUNAC program and have jobs, so maybe thatís a good sign for my prospectsÖ speaking of which, round 2 of my interview with an internet cafť was absurd. After spending over an hour describing how much his company cares about employees, how prestigious the multimillion dollar business is, and that Iíll receive a share of the revenue from any services I think up, this guy actually offered me a measly 5 pounds an hour. I could make more than that typing, so why would I want to accept less to make coffee and fix computers?
        You know youíre a little lonely when advertisements for ďmarsĒ candy bars make you start thinking about your girlfriend: I miss home a lot. Itís really strange being all alone in a huge city, with nobody who really knows me within thousands of miles. But this is definitely an experience that I need to help me appreciate just how much those I care about mean to me. That may sound corny, but see how it sounds after living on your own for a few days. Iíll make it and Iím sure Iíll eventually have tons of fun, but itís not always easy or enjoyable getting used to this adventure.

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