email to my conservative uncle in response to gloating about 4 more years

Hi Phil,

Not much up here: just a little frustrated at the average American, thatís all.

I really didnít think that fuck would manage to trick you and so many other people again, but he did, and in record numbers.

With 4 million votes more than the last election, George W. Bush truly has a mandate from the American people.

Youíll have all sorts of exciting things to look forward to in term number 2:

- appointment of multiple supreme court justices. Adios to Roe v. Wade, and bill of rights pared down to a more manageable six (donít worry, youíll definitely keep your gun)

- a cold draft blowing throughout the nation, and not just this ďback-doorĒ stuff. After another terrorist attack and some cowboy posturing against Iran, expect your boys to be involuntarily exposed to a little Arabic.

- loss of what remaining world prestige we have. From troop pullouts in iraq (for the few remaining countries foolish enough to be there with us) to formation of great institutions like the international criminal court, expect people everywhere to care less about what the u.s. wants.

- weaker democrats. With Daschle defeated, congress will be so scared that it redefines ďrubber-stamp.Ē

- in fact, overall weaker opposition. Why should I bother starting a protest movement when Iíll definitely be corralled into ďdesignated free-speech areasĒ (my experience while protesting the RNC) and can legally be disappeared via that misnomered little law called the patriot act?

- smaller government in a big way. Yíall donít want them pesky Washington bureaucrats doing silly things like providing health insurance or quality public education to the wrong people. Healthy, smart citizenries are harder to keep apathetic, after allÖ

- a glut of god. Prayer in public schools? Expect the debate 3 years from now to be not whether itís allowed but how many times a day it should occur.

- privatization, privatization, and more privatization. Plenty of connected coffers need filled with things like social security monies, making for all types of fun investment opportunities for all the right people.

In short, 4 more years. You ainít seen nothing yet: I canít think of any administration thatís done anything but swing away from the middle and towards its base in its second term.

Empires crumble. Iím sure the first people seeing Rome falter sounded silly too and I hope Iím wrong, but Iíve got a bad feeling Iím not.

The good news? I can move farther for less than anyone ever before. America may enter a period of decline, but that doesnít mean me and those I care about have to go with it. Iím not just talking about the prototypical ďmove to Canada," either: from my own travels, I can honestly say Iíd rather be in India or Ghana right now, not to mention Costa Rica or Western Europe. Even if Iím making half as much as I would here living in *gasp* France, Iíd be proud of my country and have health care considered a right, not a privilege. I know of at least one other Ivy Leaguer planning on doing the same; for the sake of your economy, you better hope weíre the only ones.

Sorry about the length of this rant, but I hope it at least partially explains why I just might turn down my well-paying job offer and jump ship on project America.

Have a good one,


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