Life in London has been fun. We have become rather accustomed to our crappy flat. Much to my surprise, I came home from work to find a newly painted bathroom; the holes in the walls had been spackled and glossed over with a new coat of poly eurothane. Luke then informed me that our landlord told him about the positive health effects that sniffing paint can have. The seventy five year old man stuck his head in the bucket and inhaled deeply; upon returning from the gallows of the paint can, he commented “Paint good for you.” Hopefully, one of the many brain cells he killed was responsible for remembering when our rent is due.
        My job has many perks: hot, nice women with cool accents and free deluxe ice cream. One of the clients for our PR agency is a gourmet ice cream company. I was informed that I can help myself to as much ice cream as desired, so tonight, Luke and I each had about a quart each for dinner.
        This weekend, we are staying in London, visiting some pubs, and sleeping a lot. I have to get a haircut and do some laundry. Interestingly enough, there were two flies in our room yesterday and both were hanging out around my month old laundry bag. I have not run out of underwear yet, but I have come really close to pulling the inside, outside, inside, outside technique, which was developed by my roommate at school. As long as you rotate once a day, its all good.

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