Tomorrow, we will be joined by Riad who is stopping over for ten days before heading to Syria. I can’t wait for someone to finally see our crappy flat: Recently, we have discovered that a single punch against the wall will produce a massive, gaping hole. It makes a pretty neat trick for our friends who visit.
        Work is fun: At 10 am on Monday morning I was forced to sample different kinds of ice cream during a status meeting. My co-workers buy me candy quite often, and the job is actually educational. There is one other man in the office: a fifty-five year old who handles the finances and is close to insanity as a result of the office’s binge spending. I think we share some weird bond: When the girls in the office do something totally illogical or wasteful, he gives me a quick glance just to make sure I realize their errors and see what he has had to put up with for the last seven years.
        Our house here in London has gone from empty to full: One flat mate has brought his four sisters to visit, and we also have a new resident. He has moved into the room next door to Luke and I. This room has a secret entry code: Kick the door hard enough and it will open. We had planned on using this room for the week Riad was here, but I guess we will have to find some new sleeping arrangements. It should work out somehow. This is Lisman, signing off from London.

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