Since the majority of the participants in the BUNAC program are American, the club organized a fourth of July cruise on the Thames River for this evening. It was a lot of fun, and immediately after, Luke, Riad, and I set off for the train station to catch a ride to the airport. Since we did not travel out of Heathrow airport like Riad, Luke and I were forced to wait two hours for our train. As I am sure many of you know, it can get rather cold in London, and on this particular night it was about 45 degrees. Now for something you may not know: Luke becomes rather irritable as he sobers up. Like everyone else, he had a few on the boat cruise tonight and instead of simply falling asleep on the train platform and sleeping it off like most others would do, he spread himself out on the concrete floor and screamed a series of random obscenities for about 45 minutes. I have honestly never seen a person of his intelligence simply sit back and resort to such caveman-like activities.
        As myself and the other more appropriately clothed platformers were laughing at Luke's drunken rant, his stomach must have finally digested a great deal of the gassy beer, and as a result, Luke developed a horrible case of the beer farts. So now we heard random obscenities accompanied by probably the loudest farts to ever hit platform 2 at King's Cross Station. Myself and others nearby responded by simply laughing louder, and some people even looked at me as if I were responsible for or somehow knew this bloated man. I really, really wish I had the video camera. After our body temps dropped about ten degrees, the train finally did show up. We made it to the airport on time, caught our easyJet flight to Madrid, and were completely unconscious before takeoff.

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