After sleeping in until about eleven this morning and stopping by Sainsbury's for some donuts, we decided to visit Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park: a popular place where random crazies (or 'nutters' as the British call them) stand on stools and preach about God, money, and louzy Americans. After hearing two or three people rant about their faith and 'getting the devil out of you,' we stumbled upon an anti-American speaker. At first we were eager to listen silently without butting in, but his speech became an obscenity-laiden bashing of the American public, and our patriotism began to show through. At this point, we began to call him a 'wanker' (popular British term). After his comment about American ruining the world, we finally interrupted and asked him where the hell his English ass would be if we had not bailed them out of two world wars. The speech blossomed into a full blown argument between the Americans present and this crazy guy; he told Luke, Joe, and I (but mostly Luke) to F%&* off about ten times.
        About fifteen minutes later, the same man began to rip on George Bush. Now I am not proud of Bush in any way, shape, or form, but I could not resist joining Luke and others present in telling him that Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair is nothing but George Bush's lap dog. This is apparent to almost everyone who reads the papers, and the speaker agreed by commenting that Mr. Blair had definitely picked up where Monica Lewinsky took off. After about ten more minutes of arguing, we finally decided to leave when the guy behind me commented, 'Don't worry about anyone stealing the videocamera in your bookbag, you can buy them for cheap.' We had already argued with this man as well since he was an adament supporter of the speaker, and after working our way out of the crowd, checked the bag for the v-camera. Lucky for the speaker and his little friends, it was there; if it had not been, we may have been forced to pound some American into them.

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