Today, day four of jobless wandering, was rather interesting. I awoke at 8am to the sound of the cell alarm clock and Luke screaming at me to get up first even though he is the one with the 9am job. This loser believes that if I get up first, then he will be motivated to get up also: So he cries like a 5 year old until I start brushing my teeth and head out for another day of job hunting. Today, I got so desperate that I walked into eight random businesses in two separate office buildings; and once again, I was turned down repeatedly. Anyway, I am kind of getting used to it, and at 10:30 I went off to my interview at the Quit Smoking Centre. I should have known that I had no chance when I walked in and saw fifteen young (nice looking) women sympathizing with callers about their hopeless addiction: I simply didn't fit. However, I completed the interview and took one last look at the sympathetic beauties before finally departing. Then, at 12:30, I finally got lucky and was offered a "market research" postion. "Market research" is the Ronin Corporation's bull shit term for telemarketing. However, one cool thing about the job is that I will actually be calling many people in the US; therefore, it will be my own countrymen telling me to go screw myself and leave them the hell alone. I am also looking forward to some free, long distance calls to W-B. Later tonight, Luke and I went out to eat with these two, somewhat decent looking American girls; we wanted to impress them, so we returned to the pizza buffet and showed them just how much we were capable of eating. They actually looked somewhat surprised, much to my amazement. After stuffing ourselves to near puking, we took the subway to a local pub and befriended two old guys from Manchester. The more boisterous of the two looked Luke straight in the face after a half hour of drunken talking and said, in a thick English accent: (and this is a direct quote) "Jeez man, You stick out your f*c$*g tongue like you are trying to catch some ^%^*^* flies or something." I laughed for about ten minutes straight; this incredibly drunk human being had managed to successfully pick out and ridicule Luke's favorite activity.

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