Hello, boys and girls. After a week of searching for jobs, I think I may have finally landed a good, somewhat respectable position. The market research thing is done; Today (Wednesday the 5th) was my first day with Gabrielle Shaw Communications. I answer phones, make phone calls to other businesses, and do some simple data entry. The real perk of the job lies in the beautiful physical appearances of my seven co-workers; I cannot see myself having trouble getting up at 6:45 to make the hour and ten minute trip across London as long as I remember the prizes that will await me each day when I finally arrive at the office. However, the days are extremely long: I will be working 10 hours each day, plus the painful, boring commute each way, but the subways are actually kind of fun. Its enjoyable to change rails three times in the hustle and bustle of the early London morning. Luke and I just got back from some grocery shopping; we finally realized that our dwindling bank accounts cannot support eating out every night, no matter how good the Indian Cuisine is. We even have this little, old-fashioned stove to cook some spagghettios on. Last week, Luke asked one of our roommates to turn off the gas after she used the stove so that our entire house would not spontaneously combust; she responded, “Don’t worry about it. Nothing ever happened when you weren’t living here.” Anyways, we totally stocked up on all kinds of food; some of it even involves actual cooking, so I may learn something. Until next time, Lisman

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