This London thing

        In three days, Iíll be in London. While this may not seem like a big deal to most, Iíve never been out of the country before; in fact, Iíve only been on an airplane twice. This isnít a little vacation, either: Iíll be there for three full months, from May 10th to August 10th. So far, I have my round-trip plane ticket, a work permit, tickets for a Radiohead concert in Portugal, and 4 days reserved at a London hostel that used to be a jail. Iíve emailed out over 100 copies of my resume, which resulted in a few possible leads and a tentative job offer (on resume #95 or so) at slightly above minimum wage. While a friend from home is joining me on this craziness, heís coming late and leaving early that Iím on my own for 1 of the 3 months. So, itís fair to say this summer will be an adventure.
        Why am I doing this? Good question. Itís really a blend of several different reasons. For how much I complain about my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, it would be really hypocritical to stay here for the summer. While the next 3 months may have a lot of negative qualities, I really canít see it turning out boring: whether Iím living in a cardboard box, visiting different countries every other week, or both, this will definitely be an experience to remember. Also, I really am curious whether I can go to somewhere entirely foreign and make it on my own, without help from any connections, reputation, or game plan. Other reasons? Compensation for going to school within 2 hoursí drive of my home, lack of crazy adventures thus far, and juvenile overconfidence all probably contributed significantly to my decision.
        Will it work? Yeah, even if it doesnít. Worst case scenario is probably that I work my butt off doing manual labor for minimum wage while also having to pay obscenely high rent. This would severely limit my ability to country hop, but I can get in great debates and experience a different culture even if I do end up being a dishwasher. Whether Iím experiencing poverty or (somehow) visiting different countries on a weekly basis, Iíll have a great adventure and Iíll keep you postedÖ at least until my laptop gets stolen;)

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